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The Tropical Forest Group is an accredited observer to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and has played an important role in advocating for a more robust and progressive REDD+ policy at the international level since 2005. We have a volunteer team of 18 affiliates (including scientists, artists, media professionals, and conservationists) and have had more than 100 volunteers help out on previous tropical forest campaigns, parades, and high-impact media events. In Copenhagen TFG worked behind the scenes in keeping REDD on the international agenda, and in Cancun (COP16) we will continue to push for progressive REDD+ policy.  

tfg press jeff2 United Nations .
Jeff Metcalfe (TFG) Holly Gibbs (Papaua New Guinea) Tracy Johns (Climate Action Network)
address reporters at COP13 about the urgency of saving rainforest to help combat climate change.
In the background are some of the local Balinese dancers commissioned by TFG to dance

in support
of REDD at the UN negotiations.