» Tree Program in Gulu District, Uganda.

» Logging Moratorium, Cross River State, Nigeria.

» Nhambita Forest Conservation/Restoration Project, Mozambique

» Carbon Sequestration, Poverty Alleviation and Biodiversity Conservation in Headwaters of the Congo/Lualaba, Democratic Republic of Congo.

» Forest and Rangeland Terrestrial Carbon Assessment, Ethiopia.

» Borneo Leopard Project.

» Africa Carbon Livelihoods Trust.





TFG supports initiatives in developing countries that save and restore tropical forests and improve land use. Tropical forest conservation, restoration and improved land use can mitigate and adapt to climate change, improve local livelihoods, and conserve biodiversity.  TFG assists developing countries’ projects with training, resources, project design and targeted technical support. Most TFG projects are currently in Africa, often in areas of prior turmoil or conflict.

Odigha Odigha Profiled at Ecosystem Marketplace

March 15, 2010. TFG has been partnered with Odigha Odigha’s NGO Coalition for the Environment since 2008. Below is a March 2010 article about Odigha’s work and life as one of West Africa’s most dedicated forest conservationists. Odigha Odigha: Speaking Truth to Power

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TFG Photo 2008.

Odigha Odigha (NGOCE), John Niles (TFG), Julius Okputu (Cross River State Commissioner for Environment) and Peter Jenkins (Pandrillus) meet after a Cross River Stakeholder Meeting on the Environment recommended a 2-year logging ban for the rainforested state, contingent on adequate carbon finance.


Featured Project

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation, Cross River State, Nigeria

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The governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke, nigeria jeep Projects
has instituted a two-year logging moratorium and empowered a public-private task force to enforce the logging ban. Governor Imoke’s bold decision resulted from a June 2008 Stakeholders Workshop on the Environment recommendation for a temporary logging moratorium and development of a framework to attract carbon credits for forest conservation. From recent accounts from observers in Cross River State, the export of illegal logs out of this amazing area has virtually stopped. The Governor’s task force has been seizing illegal timber and impounding logging trucks.

Cross River State’s forests are one of Africa’s biodiversity hotspots. They harbor unique populations of gorilla and chimpanzee and provide habitat for the drill, a highly endangered primate related to baboons and mandrills.

TFG is partnering with ERM and Tunde Morakinyo to support two local conservation groups, Pandrillus and NGOCE, as they support the Cross River State government’s bold step to reduce emissions from deforestation. TFG is helping Pandrillus and NGOCE to identify partners, raise funds, provide REDD training and workshops, and assist with forest carbon measurements and baselines.

Photo: A land rover makes its way through what is now the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary of Cross River State. Many of the magnificent trees pictured here have been logged in the past decade. Photo credit J Niles, 1992.