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The GCF is a body established by California’s Schwartzenegger in 2008, in order to coordinate REDD+ regulations within the carbon offset process of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, known as AB 32.  The GCF is comprised of fourteen governors from states and provinces around the world that hold jurisdiction across over 50% of remaining tropical forests, with the aim of advancing REDD+ finance and activities at the sub-national level.  In the absence of regulatory guidance within the Copenhagen Accord, the GCF is writing a work plan to develop a compliant grade REDD+ rule, and as California’s progressive policies often find their way into US federal legislation, the work by GCF is proving quite significant.

TFG is contributing to the GCF by representing Governor Lyel Imoke of the Cross River State in Nigeria, home to over 50% of Nigeria’s remaining forests.  In addition, TFG is supporting the GCF Secretariat by tracking the $3.5-$4.5 billion in financial commitments made in support of the REDD+ Fast Track funding by the US, the UK, Norway, Australia, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, and Slovenia.  Specifically, TFG hopes to discover through which institutions or agencies funds will flow from each of the donor countries, and when disbursements can be expected.  Other questions include whether or not the funds will be additional to existing foreign aid commitments (and not simply the re-branding of existing pledges), and what the guidelines for funding might look like for each of the countries, if any.  Perhaps most critically, as the GCF firmly believes that climate change mitigation efforts will gain the most traction at the state and provincial level, TFG is gauging support for sub-national forest monitoring within the context of REDD+ funding among the donor countries.

AB 32 Homepage

GCF Homepage

List of States and Provinces

  • Aceh (Indonesia)
  • Acre (Brazil)
  • Amapá (Brazil)
  • Amazonas (Brazil)
  • California (U.S.)
  • Campeche (Mexico)
  • Cross River State (Nigeria)
  • East Kalimantan (Indonesia)
  • Illinois (U.S.)
  • Mato Grosso (Brazil)
  • Papua (Indonesia)
  • Pará (Brazil)
  • West Kalimantan (Indonesia)
  • Wisconsin (U.S.)