»Tree Program in Gulu District, Uganda.

» Logging Moratorium, Cross River State, Nigeria.

» Nhambita Forest Conservation/Restoration Project, Mozambique

» Carbon Sequestration, Poverty Alleviation and Biodiversity Conservation in Headwaters of the Congo/Lualaba, Democratic Republic of Congo.

» Forest and Rangeland Terrestrial Carbon Assessment, Ethiopia.

» Borneo Leopard Project.

» Africa Carbon Livelihoods Trust.

March 17, 2010

TFG has partnered with Save the Children

TFG has partnered with Save the Children/US Livelihoods Unit’s Africa Pastoral Initiative (API), to benefit pastoral children and communities throughout the “drylands” of the Horn and East of Africa. This exciting new partnership is built upon complementary strengths of the two organizations in humanitarian outreach and support, and focuses on how to support ongoing activities and future programs in the context of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Recognizing the importance of developing innovative partnerships around the drylands, the API of Save the Children invited the Tropical Forest Group to Ethiopia in July/August 2009. One of the trip’s main goals was to conduct preliminary field measurements of carbon pools in Save the Children focus areas. The joint field work examined the impact of customary practices on GHG stocks and fluxes in three locations, and culminated in a report on carbon finance opportunities for SC. While preliminary, the field work showed that arid and semi-arid pastoral practices and institutions can help mitigate climate change. Certain customary land uses increase stocks, as well as the resident times of terrestrial carbon in soil, grass, and woody vegetation. Pastoral economies are already adapting to climate change and increased climate variability, although their measures are not necessarily framed in climate change adaptation language.

In February of 2010, TFG proposed extending the partnership to more holistically address carbon and climate finance in the Horn and East of Africa. The partnership would have a strong commitment to pastoral communities, and help fulfill the On the Move, Hungry for Change, and School of Life thematic pillars of Save The Children’s API. A central goal of this partnership would be to capitalize on emerging carbon finance opportunities through technical and institutional cooperation.  This is part of theTropical Forest Group’s support of ongoing humanitarian carbon efforts in conflict and post conflict areas.