»Tree Program in Gulu District, Uganda.

» Logging Moratorium, Cross River State, Nigeria.

» Nhambita Forest Conservation/Restoration Project, Mozambique

» Carbon Sequestration, Poverty Alleviation and Biodiversity Conservation in Headwaters of the Congo/Lualaba, Democratic Republic of Congo.

» Forest and Rangeland Terrestrial Carbon Assessment, Ethiopia.

» Borneo Leopard Project.

» Africa Carbon Livelihoods Trust.




Carbon Livelihoods in the Headwaters of the Congo/Lualaba, Democratic Republic of Congo

This proposed project is still in an exploratory phase. The project, championed by the Envirotrade group, would rehabilitate severely degraded forests in a region that has suffered massive deforestation due to slash-and-burn subsistence agriculture, charcoal production and mining activities. The project seeks to develop an incentivised forest management program involving communities to conserve remaining forests. It would also introduce sustainable agricultural practices and education of farmers, and a range of related economic activities to create a sustainable livelihood for the communities. TFG is providing support to develop a robust land use and carbon baseline and monitoring program. For more information, please visit: http://www.envirotrade.co.uk/html/home.php