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Angelica Gonzales, Outreach Coordinator

Angelica Gonzales is an Environmental Systems: Environmental Chemistry major at the University of California, San Diego. As a Senior Intern and Outreach Coordinator for TFG, Angelica promotes our mission by developing the organization’s web platform for COP21,, which is used to broadcast updates and advancements made during this year’s Conference, while also collaborating with Environmental NGOs for support and insight. With the highly anticipated 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris rapidly approaching, Angelica and her fellows are spearheading how the public and media outlets around the world perceive these coming events by utilizing this domain to highlight the global progress made throughout COP21 and future negotiations.

Angelica’s studies have focused upon the science and politics of climate change and the history and current status of international environmental negotiations and the UNFCCC process, particularly focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring global access to clean water and proper sanitation. She has also done studies in Analytical Chemistry in which seawater samples collected from Scripps Institute of Oceanography were analyzed to characterize the chemical composition of oceans.

Angelica is passionate about understanding the interrelation between climate science and policy and applying that knowledge so she can participate in facilitating worldwide adaptation to a changing climate that is a consequence of anthropogenic activities. She aspires to influence the outcomes of a successful international climate agreement, as well as encourage public consciousness with respect to the successes carried out by the TFG, UNFCCC, and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.