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Joana Melo

Joana is a Portuguese forester, with a M.S. in Forestry and Natural Resources (2010) from the School of Agronomy, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. She has been collaborating since 2009 with the Tropical Research Institute (IICT), a Portuguese government agency with a special mandate towards the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), to develop interdisciplinary research for development in human and natural sciences. During the past four years, she has been intermittently working and participating in different but all very interesting and highly motivating forest related projects in some developing tropical countries (e.g., Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique). In Brazil she was responsible for fielding a team for data collection and carbon stock assessment in secondary succession forests (Instituto Terra Project – restoration and conservation of the Atlantic Forest). In Guinea-Bissau she has participated in a World Bank funded project producing all the information required to support the REDD PD for the “Community Based Avoided Deforestation Project in Guinea Bissau”, currently undergoing VCS validation. In Mozambique, she contributed to the estimation of above-ground biomass using L-band radar data.