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Jedediah Brodie

Jedediah Brodie is interested in wilderness and species conservation around the world. His PhD work at the University of Montana assessed the cascading impacts of wildlife poaching on a tree species that depends on gibbons and deer for seed dispersal. Prior to graduate school he lived in Malaysian Borneo studying dipterocarp tree propagation for reforestation as well as the conservation of carnivorous pitcher plants. He has also studied plant communities in Alaska and California, black rhinoceros in Namibia, seed dispersal in Nepal, tsunami impacts in Sri Lanka, reforestation in Costa Rica, grizzly bear populations in Canada, and wolves, elk, and aspen in Yellowstone. He is currently a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow( and a faculty affiliate at the University of Montana (  Jedediah’s current research interests include the management of wildlife populations in the face of climate change, promoting sustainable hunting in tropical forests, and establishing habitat corridors for clouded leopards and other cats in Borneo.