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Taylor Rickets

Ricketts’s interests span a broad range of topics in ecology and conservation biology, from global analyses of biodiversity patterns and threats, to field studies on the causes and effects of habitat fragmentation. Taylor led WWF’s conservation assessment of North American ecoregions, the first in a continuing series published by Island Press. He continues to analyze large-scale datasets for insights into (i) why biodiversity is distributed the way it is, (ii) how these patterns relate to those of human threats, and (iii) how this information can improve conservation. Ricketts’s field studies currently focus on ecosystem services; he is investigating the value of tropical forest fragments as sources of wild pollinators to surrounding coffee crops. This field project is part of a long-term interest in the interactions between habitat fragments and surrounding agricultural areas, and in improving the potential of these landscapes to support native biodiversity. Ricketts’s received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and has received numerous awards for his work from the Society for Conservation Biology, the National Science Foundation, the Summit Foundation, and others.